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The History of Football Matches Between France and Spain

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The football matches between France and Spain have a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Here is an overview of some key moments and matches between the two national teams:

Early Years

  • April 1, 1922: The first official match between France and Spain took place in Bordeaux, France. Spain won this match 4-0.
  • February 25, 1923: Spain won again with a score of 3-0, this time in Bilbao, Spain.

World Championships

  • 1984: In the semi-finals of the European Championship, France defeated Spain 2-0 and advanced to the final, which they ultimately won.
  • 1990: Spain and France did not face each other directly, but both participated in the World Cup in Italy. Spain was eliminated in the Round of 16, while France did not qualify.

Friendly Matches

  • Over the years, the teams have often played friendly matches, usually as preparation for major tournaments. These matches have varied in outcome, with both teams emerging victorious at different times.

Recent Years

  • Euro 2012: In the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, Spain defeated France 2-0, with goals from Xabi Alonso. Spain went on to win the tournament.
  • 2014 World Cup Qualifying: Spain and France were placed in the same qualifying group for the 2014 World Cup. They played twice: a 1-1 draw in Spain and a 1-0 victory for Spain in France.

Rivalry and Style Differences

Matches between France and Spain are often exciting due to their different playing styles. France is known for its physical strength and individual talents, while Spain is famous for its technical skills and the tiki-taka style, characterized by short passes and ball possession.

Overall Picture

In general, both France and Spain have experienced successes and setbacks in their encounters. Spain often had the upper hand in the early years, while France has become stronger recently, especially after their World Cup victory in 2018.


The matches between France and Spain always offer a lot of spectacle and are seen as clashes between two of the world’s greatest football nations. The rivalry and the quality of football ensure that these matches are always followed with great interest.

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