Man city vs Tottenham cracking game

Last sunday Man City and Tottenham played eachother the game ended in 2-0 after the penalty and the brilliant shot from Haaland. Man city secured the win and came a step closer to winning the league title for th 4th time in a row.

Jip de Wijs

Leverkusen comeback in extra time

Leverkusen won the first match against Roma with 0-2 now they only need to defend it. Roma where leading with 2 penalty’s from Paredes until the 81 minute than Mancini scored a own goal and it was looking that Leverkusen would lose their name ‘neverlusen’ but Stanisic scored in the 97 minute to make it ...

Real Madrid are through to the final

A crazy comeback from Madrid after Bayern player Alphonso Davies scores and Bayern leads the match until the 88 minute then Joselu scored twice to make it 2-1 and win the match. At the end Bayern player de Ligt scored but the linesmen put up his flag and the goal was disallowed. After the match ...

Haaland top tier against Wolves

Manchester city played Wolves in the Premier League Haaland was absolutely class with scoring 4 times witch 2 of the goals where penalty’s, Wolves scored once with Hwang Hee Chan. But Julian Alvarez scored and secured the win for Manchester City. Match highlights Manchester City-Wolves